Although San Francisco is a great city in general – they have free WiFi in many of their parks!, it has to be said that it’s not one of the best places for drivers. Ask anyone who has ever driven in the city and they will tell you that it’s such a daunting task.

With a mix of steep hills, narrow lanes and one-way streets, it’s not hard to blame drivers for losing their cool. This is why attentive driving is a must in the city, and having San Francisco car insurance is equally important. Getting an auto insurance quote is easy as well. Just get in touch with us – Nation Quote – and we will help you find the perfect coverage.

That said, here are some things to know when driving in the city:

  • There are numerous freeways that serve that Bay Area, and these include:
  • US Higway 101 – stretches from the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin County and through San Jose.
  • Interstate Highway 80 – crosses Bay Bridge into Oakland and towards Sacramento.
  • Interstate 280 – runs south of San Francisco and is parallel to and located to the West of the 101.
  • Interstates 880 and 680 – traverses north-south along the east side of San Francisco Bay.
  • The streets of Downtown San Francisco are arranged in a grid pattern.
  • The streets in the city are numbered by the hundreds per block.

Now that you know those details, here are some tips to get you through driving in San Francisco:

#1: Always Keep Your Cool

It’s a very hard thing to have your patience under wraps in such a densely populated city filled with trolley cards and lots of information to digest in major intersections. And on certain occasions, you will get lost, especially if you’re new in town. As mad as you want to get for navigating the city’s streets, the condensed nature of the area makes it easy to find your way back again.

Having these kinds of conditions is so conducive to meeting an accident, which is why you should secure San Francisco car insurance for your own safety and security. Should you need any assistance in finding coverage, our team here at Nation Quote will be glad to be of help.

In addition, if you’re new in town, make sure to comply with the necessary paperwork for your vehicle.

#2: Allot Extra Time

Parking in the city is such a high commodity, but with low supply. Here, you’ll experience parking five to seven blocks away from your actual destination. This is why you have to allot around 45 minutes to an hour to find a spot then start walking to your destination.

#3: Parallel Parking Is a Skill That Must Be Mastered

Open parking spaces are rare in the city, which is why you have to learn the art of parallel parking, even if you hate it with all your heart. So, get comfortable with it because that’s how life’s going to be.

#4: Keep Your Eyes Open for Pedestrians and Cyclists

In San Francisco, the preferred mode of travel is by foot or bike. As such, you need to be aware when either of these travelers share the street with you. In the case of accidents, having a San Francisco car insurance policy can help you out. This is why you should always have this document in your vehicle in cases like this – apart from it being the law as well.

#5: Bring Money With You for Toll Fees

Driving to San Francisco by bridge requires a toll fee. In case you don’t want to bring cash, get a FasTrak transponder. However, having a few dollars in change is still essential as you might not be able to secure free parking.

San Francisco can be a scary place to drive in, but being patient enough and knowing the rules of the road in the city will not only help you cope, but keep you safe as well.

In case you need assistance in finding automobile insurance, give us a call here at Nation Quoteand we can put you in touch with an agent who will help you find what you’re looking for.