When Driving in San Diego

There are an estimated 14.3% of drivers who are uninsured in California, according to an Insurance Research Council report released in 2018. San Diego is the southern most city – and a major one at that – in the state, and it is no exception. Common automobile-related issues in Southern California definitely include hit-and-run accidents involving uninsured and under-insured drivers.

So, as a driver navigating the streets of this California city, make sure you protect yourself and your vehicle by getting San Diego car insurance. When you’re shopping for a policy, you can get in touch with us here at Nation Quote get you the coverage that fits perfectly with your needs.

Now, when driving in San Diego there are a few things you have to know so you feel comfortable navigating the roads and of course, drive more safely. Here they are:

Be familiar with the freeway system

Knowing where you’ll be passing is one surefire way of getting there faster. And that is so true when you plan to drive anywhere in San Diego. This is why you need to familiarize yourself with the freeway system in the city. In fact, you can get to anywhere within 15 minutes if you pass any one of these “Big 5”:

  • Interstate 5 – otherwise known as “the 5.” This runs north and south along Mission Bay and San Diego Way all the way to the Mexican border.
  • Interstate 15 – or “the 15.” Just like the 5, this too runs north to south, but is parallel to the 5 to the east.
  • Interstate 8 – also known as “the 8.” This runs east to west and out of downtown San Diego.
  • State Route 163 – runs north and south into and out of downtown San Diego. This also runs through Balboa Park, which is home to the San Diego Zoo.
  • Interstate 805 – also called “the 805.” This runs diagonally from northwest to southeast and connects the 5 to the 163, the 15 and the 8 before it meets with the 5 again at the Mexican border.

Always practice safe driving when on interstates as they are breeding places for accidents. To ensure your safety even more, make sure to have your San Diego car insurance in your vehicle at all times.

Missing an exit shouldn’t be a cause for concern

The signage on the freeway can be very conspicuous, especially when compared to other parts of the US. However, when you miss an exit, it shouldn’t be a cause for worry.

Instead of panicking, get off at the next exit and you’ll manage to find your way back to where you’re supposed to be headed. Of course, when in doubt, always remember where the ocean is so you know what direction you’re heading.

There are great views in San Diego

San Diego is home to a 59-mile scenic drive and is surely one of the best ways to spend the day. The entire route can be completed in about three hours – that is without stops, by the way.

One of the best views you can get is of downtown San Diego, Coronado Island and the beaches. You just drive over Coronado Bridge to get this view as it runs from downtown to Coronado Island.

Another scenic view is Point Loma which offers a view that stretches from Mexico up to the North County area.

When driving downtown, make sure to look out for pedicabs – three-wheeled bicycle taxis – as these normally share the road with you. And by sharing the road, that means posing a hazard as well. This is why even if going for a short drive, you need to have your San Diego car insurance in your vehicle in case you meet an accident. There is no question that San Diego is beautiful, and is a nice place to go for a drive. However, safety should always be a priority and getting coverage for your vehicle is one way to guarantee that. And when you need assistance in finding the right policy, trust the team at Nation Quote to get you exactly what you are looking for